Looking back at February

Azure News

Looking back on this month, I’ve picked out some of the new Azure features or announcements that have been made, check them out below:

Glasgow Azure User Group

We held the first Glasgow Azure User Group meetup of 2022 on the 23rd February. We were still virtual but it was a great meetup with a lot of questions and interactions with the audience and presenters.


It’s been a while since I spoke at a user group, but this month saw me return. I had the pleasure of speaking at Dutch DevOps & GitHub Community. At the group I spoke about Octopus Deploy and explaining a bit more about it and the journey I have been on since joining. Was great to share what I have learnt over the past few months and hopefully inspired a few folk. 😊

E-Book launch

This month saw me launch my very first e-book. Back at the end of August 2021 I had this idea I would try writing an e-book and came up with a topic that I knew a lot about — Developer Relations.



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Sarah Lean

Sarah Lean

Community Speaker — Lifelong Learner — Founder of the Glasgow Azure User Group